Terms and Conditions

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In purchasing a cover from ELE-Mental Covers you agree to a waiting period before shipment of your product. As this is a highly personalized item, the products are are a start to finish production, and will be shipped out immediately upon ELE-Mental Covers completion of your production order.

ELE-Mental Covers agrees to send you a quality product that is of equal or greater quality than those which are showcased in the pictures and advertisements published. Orders are expected to be fulfilled and shipped within a 7-14 work day period (dependant upon current work load,  can take up to 90 days during a heavy work load- although uncommon).

*We do not allow multiple sales incentives to be used on one order. A promotional code cannot be paired with post purchase cash back incentives OR other promo codes.

**Cash back incentives are offered in a variant of 2 methods: either a portion will be direct cash back on the payment method that you used to purchase the cover OR the incentive will be an issued cash credit towards your next purchase.