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The Untold Story of 'Custom Fit' Covers Revealed

Step into a bygone era, where cover manufacturers misused the phrase 'custom fit'. This phrase spoken to you merely whispered promises, often times leaving areas of the cover loose and wrinkled or using a thin stretchy material, offering little defense against the elements.

These covers, relics of the past, failed to embrace your machine securely, often leaving scars from their abrasive touch. As water, dirt, and UV rays infiltrated and wreaked havoc beneath the surface.

Your cherished ride, entrusted to these so-called 'custom fit' covers, demanded constant attention. The constant cleaning, adjusting and replacing these subpar shields required from you became a costly ritual. Robbing you of moments you should have been enjoying an adventure, experiencing the pure joy of the open road or water.

It's time to shatter free from this outdated cycle and reclaim your time enjoying life’s many adventures!

Breaking Free

Don’t you Think Your Cover Should Offer More Protection?

Reflecting on the journey of protective covers, we appreciate the efforts of the past — where 'custom fit' often meant a stretchy cover attempting to embrace your machine. Yet, as riders ourselves, we understood there was room for improvement. We believed that covers could, and should, be more.

Our commitment to advancing cover technology and design emerged from a deep respect for the heritage of protective covers. Despite the historical attempts, many covers fell short. Water, dirt, and the relentless sun could still find their way in, leaving your cherished ride exposed to elements and demanding more attention than it should. We saw this as an opportunity to elevate what riders should expect from a protective cover.

Experience The Benefits of A Modern Cover


Say goodbye to the frustration of poorly fitting covers.


Enjoy peace of mind on every journey.


Reclaim your weekends and leave behind the hassle of constant cleaning and maintenance.


Guard your investment against the elements and potential damages.


Experience enduring quality with our covers.


Protect your investment wisely and avoid costly repairs or premature wear.

ELE-Mental Covers: Your partner in adventure

As powersports enthusiasts, we care about your machines & understand the time, money and effort you’ve invested into them.

That’s why ELE-Mental Covers are designed with meticulous attention to detail, using advanced materials and proprietary technologies, every cover is handcrafted with superior craftsmanship to provide unparalleled defense for your machines.

What Sets Us Apart From Other Covers

Soft-Backed Material

Discover a level of comfort similar to your favorite jacket; our multi-layered material provides a cocoon of unparalleled softness on the inside, shielding your machine's paint from abrasion. As the outer layers deflect would-be assailants (UV, moisture and projectiles) from damaging your machine.

Truly Tailored To Fit

Envision a cover that wraps your machine with the precision of a bespoke suit- every contour, every curve, perfectly captured for a stunning, snug fit.

Advanced Science + 3D Technology

We don't just create covers; We're continually investing into innovation, guaranteeing you the apex of quality, fit and function. We believe that every enthusiast deserves nothing less that the pinnacle of protective science, and the peace of mind that comes with it.

Helping enthusiasts pursue their passions with peace of mind


The felt like Material on the inside of the covers is amaing for you ski, like smooth butter on fresh gel/paint/carbon fiber. I’d recommend this product to anyone!

Matt Larson
California, USA

Awesome jetski cover! Very good material & fit, great cover to protect your jetski!

Raymond Dias Jr.
California, USA

I don’t go anywhere without this cover! It keeps my ski looking fresh & safe from the sun.

Chris Anyzeski
Florida, USA

Great quality, looks like it’s gonna last a long time. Best cover I’ve used so far! Planning on getting more for my other Jetskis!

Hunter Turnbow
Texas, USA

It’s awesome to have these dependable covers, that fit the skis well. Microfiber on the inside, keeps them clean, so i can take them off and we’re ready to go! I have them on all my skis & I really couldn’t be happier with them!

Mark Gomez
Arizona, USA

Unbox Confidence

“You Can Feel The Difference”

As you eagerly unbox your ELE-Mental Cover, the velvety smooth underside of the material glides through your fingers, promising a touch of luxury.

Draping it over your vehicle, you witness the sleek contours come to life—a form-fit so perfect, it seems custom-made by design.

And when the raindrops dance, or the snow and ice attempt to linger, watch with peace of mind as they effortlessly shed off the cover's surface. Your machine stays shielded, ready for the next adventure, and you, the proud owner, revel in the durability and style that only an ELE-Mental Cover can provide.

Elevate Your Powersports Experience in 3 Simple Steps

Schedule A Complimentary Cover Consultation

Work with one of our industry experts to build your personal Powersports Protection Plan, a coveted opportunity to gain invaluable industry insights and exclusive trade secrets.

This personalized session provides a deep dive into your unique needs and challenges.

However, it's not for everyone. Our selective process ensures that only those serious about elevating their machine's protection will secure a spot.

Act now to be a part of this exclusive experience.

Design + Manufacturing

If we choose to embark on your project, the magic begins.

When selected, our FlawlessFit™ 3D design and state-of-the-art manufacturing come into play, crafting a cover that surpasses expectations.

Our commitment to excellence is unmatched, and the exclusivity of our process ensures that each project we undertake receives the attention and craftsmanship it truly deserves.

Your investment secures not just a cover, but a legacy of quality protection.

Enjoy Years of Worry-Free Protection + Value Preservation

Congratulations on becoming part of an elite group of enthusiasts enjoying years of unparalleled protection and value preservation.

Your ELE-Mental Cover, backed by a lifetime warranty, signifies more than a protective shield; it's a testament to your commitment to excellence. Experience the peace of mind that comes with owning the industry's best cover.

The scarcity of our process ensures that every cover we deliver is a masterpiece, a testament to the exclusivity and quality you deserve.

A Cover You
Can Rely On

Join the growing community of riders who demand more for their machines. The premium protection of an ELE-Mental Cover is helping to save enthusiasts hours of detailing & thousands of dollars in maintenance & upkeep costs. Will you be ready when adventure calls?

Trusted Partner Of Brands like...

We are proud to be trusted by industry-leading brands who rely on ELE-Mental Covers for superior protection. Our valued partners include TC FREERIDE, FAST POWERSPORTS, ROCKY MOUNTAIN JET, and more. Join the ranks of these esteemed names and set yourself apart from your competitors.