Our Mission

Offering Riders Peace of Mind & Inspiring Adventure

Providing the best protective products for vehicles worldwide By using advanced materials + technology, while also providing the highest level experience for our community.
Be Ready When Adventure Calls…

Empowering your powersports adventures

Founded on a shared passion for powersports and a commitment to excellence, ELE-Mental Covers emerged to address a dual challenge: How can riders safeguard their cherished vehicles, and how can manufacturers enhance their offerings with premium protective solutions? Our journey begins with a dedication to transforming the narrative of protection in the powersports world.

The Power Of Protection

At the core of our mission lies the recognition of the challenges faced by both riders and manufacturers. ELE-Mental Covers bridges these gaps, offering a comprehensive solution that transforms the riding experience and elevates the value of every powersports vehicle.

Riders: Protect Your Machines From The Elements

For riders, the challenge is in the constant battle against the elements, the fear of damage, and the quest for quality protection.

Manufacturers: Increase Revenue + Offer Your Clients More Value

Manufacturers face the challenge of offering their clients more & the untapped revenue potential within each creation.

Our Values

Improving Lives &
Inspiring Change

We have a passion for powersports & the community of enthusiasts that we serve. It’s that connection to the community that enables us to continually improve our products & change the way that you think about protection.

What Sets Us Apart From Other Covers

Soft-Backed Material

Discover a level of comfort similar to your favorite jacket; our multi-layered material provides a cocoon of unparalleled softness on the inside, shielding your machine's paint from abrasion. As the outer layers deflect would-be assailants (UV, moisture and projectiles) from damaging your machine.

A Truly Tailored Fit

Envision a cover that wraps your machine with the precision of a bespoke suit- every contour, every curve, perfectly captured for a stunning, snug fit.

Advanced Science + 3D Technology

We don't just create covers; We're continually investing into innovation, guaranteeing you the apex of quality, fit and function. We believe that every enthusiast deserves nothing less that the pinnacle of protective science, and the peace of mind that comes with it.

Built To Outlast

Our commitment To Innovation

Innovation + craftsmanship are our hallmarks. We understand the unique demands of the powersports community, and our covers reflect that understanding. Each cover is not just a shield; it's a testament to our commitment to providing unrivaled protection, ensuring that riders can embrace every journey with confidence.

Trusted By The Best

Discover why industry leaders and powersports professionals choose ELE-Mental Covers to safeguard their investments and elevate their riding experience.

Pursue Your Passions

Embark on a journey where your passion meets protection. Our covers are not just shields; they're the guardians of your powersports dreams. Elevate your riding experience with ELE-Mental Covers.

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Fuel your creations with unparalleled protection. Collaborate with ELE-Mental Covers to offer your clients a premium addition to your masterpieces. Elevate your brand, one bespoke cover at a time.

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