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The story of a rider who wanted more…

Escaping The Frustrations Of Inferior Protective Options

It was 2019 in a small town in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest (USA), there was a rider who had just brought home his new jetski. After investing a great deal of time and money into this machine, he wanted to protect it properly.

But he had a multitude of problems to consider…

Weather Damages

In a constant battle against the elements, your prized ride faces a, onslaught of wind, moisture & UV exposure, leading to fading, rust, and wear.

Scratching & Abrasion

Each day of exposure can leave its mark - scratches and abrasions silently diminish the beauty of your machine.

Travel Damages

As you hit the road chasing your next adventure, your machine is left vulnerable, exposed to road debris and potential travel scars.

Poor Fitting Covers

Ill-fitting covers? Like leaving your ride in a storm without shelter - ineffective and asking for trouble. A poorly fit cover will do more damage than it prevents.

Life Of Materials

Time takes its toll; inferior materials mean a cover that ages quickly, losing its protective power and leaving you with the bill to replace it each year.

Storage Space

Lack of space? Your ride deserves better than being cramped and squeezed or left to the elements; Your ride deserves a solution that fits And performs in every environment.

A company was born

ELE-Mental Covers: A Riders Dream That Covers Could Be More

That rider was our Founder, and as a rider founded company, we understand the challenges that you face.

Ultimately, the search for a quality protective cover led to the formation of ELE-Mental Covers- A form-fitting, feature packed solution for riders to preserve their machines.

ELE-Mental Covers are a new breed of cover, backed by advanced proprietary methods and specially designed materials, offering riders the ultimate protection for their machines.

Our Unique Blend Of Technology, Fit + Function That Inspires Innovation

Soft-Backed Material

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A Truly Tailored Fit

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Advanced Science + 3D Technology

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Helping Riders Like…


Mark Gomez is one of the most versatile competitive jetski riders in the world. From freestyle to freeride, Mark is a performer & has the trophies to prove it.


Perhaps the father of Freeride, Taylor Curtis has cemented himself & his company as the industries go-to. With world-class builds and that classic barefoot surf approach TC FREERIDE is a well recognized brand.


Over the past few years Abraham has traveled the world riding and surfing, documenting the world’s best waves. His unique content is among the most watched in the industry.

BJ’s Performance

“hands down, best cover made”

In this short YouTube video, Jason (Owner, BJ’s Performance). Speaks about cover options & why he chooses ELE-Mental Covers as his go-to option For his customers.

Watch The Full Video

Built To Outlast

Our commitment To Innovation

Innovation + craftsmanship are our hallmarks. We understand the unique demands of the powersports community, and our covers reflect that understanding. Each cover is not just a shield; it's a testament to our commitment to providing unrivaled protection, ensuring that riders can embrace every journey with confidence.

FlawlessFit™ Technology

Bringing Cover Technology Into The Modern Age

We understand that every rider has a unique style to match their personal needs. That's why we use advanced 3D technology to offer customizable solutions. Using our advanced 3D design process we can scan, design & tailor our covers to perfectly fit your specific machine settings. Preserve the value you have invested into your machine with form-fitting protection.

Protecting your ride has never been easier…

We have 2 methods, depending upon your needs and our existing catalog:

EXISTING COVER DESIGNS: Search our inventory of existing covers by Make/Model to find your machine and have a tailored cover made for it.

NEW COVER DESIGN: If we don’t have your machine in our inventory of existing covers, we offer a personalized solution to develop, store and manufacture your protective solution.

New Cover Design: A FlawlessFit™ Cover In 3 Easy Steps

Schedule A Complimentary Cover Consultation

Claim your complimentary Cover Consultation, a coveted opportunity to gain invaluable industry insights and exclusive trade secrets.

This personalized session, valued at $250, provides a deep dive into your unique needs and challenges.

However, it's not for everyone. Our selective process ensures that only those serious about elevating their machine's protection will secure a spot.

Design + Manufacturing

If we choose to embark on your project, the magic begins.

When selected, our FlawlessFit™ 3D design and state-of-the-art manufacturing come into play, crafting a cover that surpasses expectations.

Our commitment to excellence is unmatched, and the exclusivity of our process ensures that each project we undertake receives the attention and craftsmanship it truly deserves.

Your investment secures not just a cover, but a legacy of quality protection.

Enjoy Years of Worry-Free Protection

Congratulations on becoming part of an elite group of enthusiasts enjoying years of unparalleled protection and value preservation.

Your ELE-Mental Cover, backed by a lifetime warranty, signifies more than a protective shield; it's a testament to your commitment to excellence. Experience the peace of mind that comes with owning the industry's best cover.

The scarcity of our process ensures that every cover we deliver is a masterpiece, a testament to the exclusivity and quality you deserve.

Existing Cover Designs: A Tailored Cover In 3 Simple Steps

Find Your Cover + Reserve Your Build Slot

Using the dropdown menu or the search bar, easily locate and select your machine by Make/Model.

Secure your spot by reserving your build slot on our schedule.

Don’t see your machine? Schedule A Cover Consultation

Fill Out A Simple Spec. Sheet Via Email

Once your order is confirmed, you’lll receive an email containing a simple form that will help you provide us with the necessary details to ensure a perfect fit for your machine.

Answer a few key questions about your watercraft, and our experts will take care of the rest.

Enjoy Years of Worry-Free Protection + Value Preservation

Once you receive your cover, experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your machine is protected by the industry’s best cover.

Rest easy with our lifetime warranty, providing you with years of worry-free protection and value preservation.

Changing The Way You Think Of Protection

Riders: Pursue Your Passions

Embark on a journey where your passion meets protection. Our covers are not just shields; they're the guardians of your powersports dreams. Elevate your riding experience with ELE-Mental Covers.

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Manufacturers: Increase Revenue + Elevate Your Brand

Fuel your creations with unparalleled protection. Collaborate with ELE-Mental Covers to offer your clients a premium addition to your masterpieces. Elevate your brand, one bespoke cover at a time.

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