How Proper Maintenance Saves You $$

With gas prices hitting record highs across the nation many of us are looking for ways to save or stretch our dollars further. Though there are ways to cut back on spending, there are also other viable options which can save us much more over the long term. Something as simple as properly maintaining your recreational crafts & vehicles could save you thousands in expenses.

A comprehensive assessment of the American consumer suggests that over 80% of mechanical failures in machinery and vehicles can be directly attributed to poor maintenance. In fact, most people average a time of over double the manufacturer suggested maintenance schedule.

The proper care of your vehicles can have a profound effect on many different aspects of your life, and the lives of others, Let’s review these 5 key areas of benefit:

1. A greater resale value
Something that should always be on the back of your mind, resale value. Remember, a well-maintained vehicle could be priced close to a brand new one. If you are rigorously taking care of your vehicle, to the point that it does not incur damages, you are bound to see a larger return when selling.
2. Regular maintenance can improve your safety & the safety of those around you
The regular use of your machine can lead to “wear & tear” of the most integral parts, i.e. shocks, struts, pump assemblies, steering components, etc. Our vehicles are often times the most worn down thing that you own, so making certain that these components are of good stature and properly functioning can lead to the safety of yourself and others around you while operating.
3. Savings you can feel
Following a regular & rigorous maintenance routine shies you away from huge spending due to the repair or replacement. Fixes and replacements can cost you dearly, depending on the level of damage. Even the most basic maintenance can truly go a long way in savings.

4. Ride time, NOT wrench time!

As Taylor Curtis wisely states, “It’s about the amount of time you want to spend riding, rather than wrenching on the beach”. Front end cost for quality and impeccable maintenance can lead to a vast difference in your time doing what you enjoy: Riding! And that is worth a pretty penny to all of us.

5. Fuel savings & sustainability

Perhaps the key to savings at the pump: If your machine is properly maintained, chances are it is tuned properly and running efficiently. An efficiently running vehicle uses the least amount of fuel to gain the most amount of power. . . Directly translating into fuel saved at the pump, something which can be measured in smiles per gallon.
The really exciting part of this savings category is the extended life of your vehicle and it’s parts. When you perform regular maintenance it effectively prolongs the life of your parts, which leads to a longer life of the vehicle as a whole, a longer life means that your Dollars Per Use (DPU) decreases, to explain this simply: If you paid $10,000 for a machine and used it 100 times, the DPU would be $100 per use. If you used that same machine 1,000 times, the DPU would be $10 per use. This makes it easier to become equitable in your investments, rather than losing money upon resale.
ELE-Mental Covers values the idealism of routine maintenance, the value of dollars spent in preventative measures and the direct translation of those actions into dollars earned/saved. We are in the business of protecting your investments from the harsh elements and their damaging effects. You can contact us directly for more information on how our products and offerings can help save you time and money while providing premium protection at an affordable price.
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