Freedom To Escape

As motorsports enthusiasts we have a deep-rooted desire to escape. The escape acts as a place of serenity, no matter if you are escaping the hustle and bustle of the city on a weekend strike mission, or if it’s just a quick hiatus from the burden of daily responsibilities. We find peace & solace in our passions, and our journey to the ride spot is a part of the adventure. ELE-Mental Covers is dedicated to the ability to make that journey a worry-free and safe one for you and your machine.












It was mid-summer in Idaho, 2018 when Brandon Quinton picked up his first standup jet ski, not knowing that it would be the start down an entire new path in life. No stranger to motorsports and small engines, he immediately started building his machine to fit his personal desires. More power, more functionality & more personalized graphics, they all came together & transformed that 1997 Kawasaki SXI into Brandon’s SXI!

”For a majority of us enthusiasts it’s not just riding that gives us that sense of tranquility, but the connection to our machines; Personalizing them to fit our wants, chasing more power and then being able to control it all to create an epic moment.”




After that first machine more followed, each one getting bigger & better, more accustomed to Brandon’s riding style. But one thing always fell short in his mind, after putting so much time and effort into these machines, being able to protect them during storage & especially during travel was a problem. For the skis that had cover options, none of them fit right and when traveling with them they would flap in the wind, causing scratching and abrasion damages, and the cover would fall apart. Some of his freestyle & freeride skis didn’t even have a cover option.

”After 35 years, I was surprised at the lack of change or innovation within the cover manufacturing industry,” Brandon reflects. “And so I set out to change it all, to create a cover & a process that would give riders the level of protection that their machines, and the investment of time, effort & money, deserve.”



The level of time and energy put into the design of the ELE-Mental Covers process & products are evident. With the input of riders who use these products being taken into account the ELE-Mental team has made small but effective changes to The design & features, making them more rider friendly & utilitarian. Pushing at the forefront of an industry that has failed to advance with time, ELE-Mental Covers has implemented advanced 3D technology into their arsenal.

In a perfect world, every rider will be traveling to their next adventure with peace of mind, saving time & money from damages that might have occurred. 

“I have created this business as a way to help other riders,” he states. “We all invest so much into our passions and it’s very expensive when they aren’t protected properly, taking us away from our families and our time enjoying the ride.”

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