Cover Care Guide

Before you start out on your next adventure, there are a few things you should consider to ensure that you are getting the most from your machines and your new ELE-Mental Cover.

High Wind Speed Warnings

CLASSIC COVERS: ELE-Mental Classic Covers are designed for travel and use in extreme environments or conditions; Through the proper combination & use of our design features and a form fit, the ELE-Mental Classic Covers will effectively reduce or prevent impact and abrasion damages in any condition.

LITE COVERS: The ELE-Mental Lite Covers do not offer the same level of use or protection in high wind conditions, as they are designed for indoor storage. Like other covers, when exposed to high wind speeds for extended periods of time, they can begin to cause abrasion and scratching damages to your sensitive paints, gel coats or plastics.. 

Do not leave ELE-Mental Lite Covers outdoors for extended periods of time. Even as little as one hour in windy conditions can cause scratching or abrasion damage. High wind exposure or damages are NOT covered under the LITE COVER warranty.


Maintaining Your Machine

Perhaps one of the most vital steps of preventative maintenance, but often the most overlooked, is the proper care and cleaning of your machine and it’s components.

There are 2 forms of maintenance:

  1. Repair Maintenance - The replacing of failed or failing parts as needed. Historically, this is the most expensive & time consuming methods.
  2. Preventative Maintenance - Cleaning & maintaining all aspects of a machine after use. Preventative maintenance can increase the longevity of your parts & your machine. Mathematically, every $1 spent on PM can have over a 500% ROI in savings.

ELE-Mental Covers are designed to keep your maintenance efforts lasting longer, directly correlating into more ride time and savings for you!


General Care

Before every use, rinse your machine off to remove sand or dirt which may cause abrasion and scratching if left beneath the cover.

Due to the nature of which ELE-Mental Covers are used & the materials which they are made from, there can be some water absorption. To properly dry your cover out, hang dry with the inner lining face out.

A simple soap and water solution applied to the outer material then wiped clean with a microfiber cloth will clean your ELE-Mental Cover of any dirt or grime, without damaging the waterproof coating.



When securing your machine to your trailer or hauler, be certain to use all of the ELE-Mental Classic Cover features:

  • Lower Cam Strap- Tighten the strap in the lower hem of the cover to it’s tightest point, doing so will create a proper fit of the cover to the machine, and will prevent the cover from filling with air while traveling. (Note: When a cover allows too much air between itself & the investment that it is on, the movement from that airflow can cause scratching or abrasion damages to the surfaces it touches.)
  • Tie Down Locations- Using the proper strapping (i.e. a cam buckle strap or a ratchet strap) go from one side to the other, beneath the machine, then tighten down to secure the cover snugly to the machines surface. ELE-Mental Classic Covers feature stainless steel D rings, attached to a webbing that is distributed across the width of the cover, this will ensure that the cover stays form-fitting during travel & will prevent abrasion damages from the cover moving at high wind speeds.

Use a storage bag or case as much as possible when the cover is not in use, to prevent picking up damaging sand or dirt. Do not continue travel if you notice the cover moving or flapping, as doing so will lead to cover and machine damage (If this occurs It is likely that you have skipped or missed one of the steps listed above, pull over and check your strapping).


Safety Considerations

These are tailor-made protective covers, not meant to protect a different make/model than the vehicle it was purchased for.

  • Secure your machine to your hauling devices with the proper strapping and using the proper tie down locations on your machine; Using the cover as a secondary safety feature, not the primary form of securement.
  • Check all tie downs and strapping before heading out.
  • Be courteous of other drivers on the roadways & ensure safe travels for all those around you.

Most importantly...Have fun on your adventures & keep chasing your passions! 

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