American Business Sourced

      We at H2O Industries are dedicated to providing peace of mind and protection for your investments, & working with American based businesses to provide you with the highest quality products available! Whether you are choosing to protect your covers or protect other investments, we have you taken care of! Our protective cases are supplied through the California based business, Eylar.

      About Eylar

      Eylar™ proudly caters to those who pursue a life of constant movement. We are committed to providing cutting edge products that won't fail in critical moments. From product design to manufacturing and delivery, Eylar™ constantly strives for excellence and innovation. Our products are geared towards photographers, campers, hikers, hunters, and the rest of the gammit of active, outdoor lifestyles. All of our products have been thoroughly tested before they hit the market. Our experts over in the quality and engineering department run a tight ship. No defects get by them. Our whole team at Eylar™ is passionate and dedicated to bringing world class products to the table. We are based out of Southern California.

      1 product

      1 product