H2O Industries Covers

Hello H2O fans!

We are constantly striving to progress and improve our products. Whether we do that by adding covers to our lineup, or improving upon our already awesome designs and quality, being able to offer you more and improve your experience is our goal. This is the "up and coming" section of our website, where we will share our upcoming changes to current covers, upcoming versions and lineups of fitments and any other cover related news:


H2O Industries Covers (production round 1)

Our most recent, and current lineup of covers for the Aftermarket hulls and Freeriding market are growing in popularity and reliability. With continuing research and design work going into them, fitment is expanding on a weekly basis. The current design is fit around a standard handle pole length of between 32" and 38"  (depending upon model of ski). A shorter pole length version is also in the works, to include those of us who ride mostly flatwater (expected release date, Memorial Day, 2020). Fitment for this production line are currently known to fit the following units:

-Krash Industries 50 Cal

-Krash Industries Foot Rocket/Foot Rocket Pro

-Rickter Ninja XFS/XFR

-TigerCraft V2 Aquabot

-TigerCraft M1

-Hurricane Industries C2

-Carve Composites RAZR


H2O Industries Covers (production round 2)

Our covers are expanding soon! With production expected to begin around Memorial Day (US), depending upon the effects of the coronavirus, these covers are expected to be available for Pre-Order sales around that timeframe. Fitment for these production lines are expected to include the following skis: 

-Krash Industries Predator

-Rickter Edge FS/FR, FS2 (opening up pre-order sales Memorial Weekend)

-TigerCraft SV (opening pre-order sales Memorial Weekend)

-Kawasaki SX/SXI

-Yamaha Superjet (Square Nose)

-Krash Industries Reaper (opening up pre-order sales Memorial Weekend)

-Rickter FX1

-Yamaha Waveblaster (WB1 & WB2)