Groove Watersports


The Groove Vest is the first competition impact vest designed with a patented low profile speaker integration technique. This means your lightweight, high-quality, impact vest can sing your favorite tunes without sacrificing your comfort or range of motion.

Segmented foam panels, designed to align with your anatomy, provide natural breaking points around your major muscle groups, so your vest moves with you as you cut through the water.

To keep things as light as possible, a special blended plastic creates waterproof enclosures around the speakers and hardware that is integrated within your vest. An 8GB internal storage empowers you to download over 2,000 MP3 files! What better way to get pumped during your next big session or event?!

Controlling your music is simple. With easy access volume, Play/Pause and Skip buttons located on your chest, you can be in control of your music anytime you are out on the water! If you want to segment your playlists for different moods, the multi-function button gestures allow you to skip through playlists, giving you the power to set the tone for your ride.


These vests are currently in the final stages of their production phase, and are hoped to be available this summer! We here at H2O Industries are very excited to see this product, and test it in the wonderful world of watersports! These vests will be available for purchase through our online store, when they become available. . Possibly even available for a pre-order when the time draws nearer! Stay tuned for more updates and information on this wonderful product!